Our company announced delisting after listed a decade on the market. This year is the year for us to regroup and refresh.

Delisting has inevitably led to credit decline of company, which makes it difficult for us to recover. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our shareholders.
Nevertheless, the research and development program of EndoSCA, the core business of our company, is still in a stable and orderly way, at the same time, the manufacturing and sale of medical devices also shows a remarkable recovery. Moreover, our company has also rapidly expanded box lunch making and sales business. Following this trend, we have redeployed resources to accelerate the development of our pillar industries.

The research and development of EndoSCA is the most crucial task of T&C group, which decide the medium and long term enterprise value of T&C group. On the other hand, the manufacture and sale of medical equipment as well as box lunch business are also very important to the company for guarantee present income. In 2018, we will focus on strengthening the revenue in hospital, clinic operation management and medical related business and try our best to build a stable business system.

T&C group brings together leading experts in various fields, and tirelessly strives for the high mission of company. At present, although the company credit is not fully restored, it is in a transition period and getting better gradually. It will be possible for a more comprehensive career to be launched when the company credit is fully restored. All members of us are also full of confident in move forward to fulfill the goal of our company.

Thank you for your continued patience and encouragement!