In the last year, our company officially renamed “T&C Medical Science” while the commitment of focusing on medical-related business became more explicit.
New major discoveries has been found in core business EndoSCA(Endogenous Stem Cell Activator),combined with the rising number of guide physicians, our practical road becomes concrete immediately. In terms of hospital operation management, the new hospital is expected to realize our pursuit of the convergence of second-generation health check-up and premorbid preventive regenerative medicine of using EndoSCA. Benefiting of challengeable opportunity, technology import project toward Bangladesh has also been steadily impelled. From a mid-and-long term perspective, on this great turning point, we still face grim problem in revenue simultaneously. Although increasing medical equipment production and sales as well as other business earnings was put on the agenda, but did not advance smoothly as expected.
On this year, we plan to further specific and impel our career, propagandizing it energetically and hope more people understand our ideal and experience our products. All of our challenges are aimed to innovate and contribute society. We are full of confident. We are always confidently challenging the thing that can bring innovation and contribution to the society.
After the burst of the bubble economy, Japan faces sustained stagnation to a certain extent. Including the view of geopolitics, it is generally believed that Japan s situation is about to change greatly. Although it can’t be accurately predicted, chances always go with challenges. It is a favorable chance for us now to make fully use of our existing experiences,advanced technologies and social network to seize this opportunity. In addition, we promise to maintain our company information, research processes and achievements open and transparent for the better understanding to our shareholders and stakeholders.
Thank you for your continued patience and encouragement!

January 2017