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Regenerative Medicine Medical Device Sales Operational Management of Medical Facility
  • 1.Regenerative medicine by Endogenous Stem Cell Activator(EndoSCA)
  • 2.Medical device sale.
  • 3.Operational Management of hospital

T&C aims to realize the efficient commercialization of EndoSCA and the operation of advanced medical facilities through cooperation with research institutions and industry partners at home and abroad.

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Regenerative Medicine

We will carry on R&D and provide medical technology of
Endogenous Stem Cell Activator (EndoSCA)

  • R&D and construction of manufacturing system of EndoSCA and providing technology for “Regenerative medicine by EndoSCA”
  • R&D and sales of equipment to produce EndoSCA

What is “EndoSCA” ?

It is the liquid components secreted in the supernatant from cultured stem cells.
It has the equivalent therapeutic effects to stem cell transplantation.
Stem cell=Stem cells can make copies of itself and differentiate into varieties of cells.

What is EndoSCA

Regenerative medicine by EndoSCA

Procedure of administering a EndoSCA secreted in the supernatant of cultured stem cells without the transplantation of stem cells.
Therefore, it has low risk of carcinogenesis and is low cost treatment compared to the stem cell transplantation.

It is one of the few types of "regenerative medicine” that can be realized safely.

It is expected that this type of therapy will be effective with the following: cerebral infarction, dermatitis, spinal cord injury, lung disease, liver disease, dementia and diabetes.

Potential of regenerative medicine by EndoSCA

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For realizing Pre-emptive self-regenerative medical

Medical device sales

Manufacture and sale of Medical Grade Disinfector Sterilizer (Mediate Co., Ltd.)

The sale of low temperature formaldehyde gas sterilizer. Effective, low cost and easy to use the patented device and procedure uses formalin gas to harmlessly sterilize medical equipment.

Mediate Co., Ltd.

Import and sale of advanced medical device in Japan

Advanced rheumatism diagnostic device, dedicated breast PET scanner, low dose “Full body” X-ray imaging system etc. are some of the devices currently being imported.
We will continue to expand our target market by leveraging our sales network cultivated by our subsidiary MEDIATE CO., LTD. and through continued interaction with medical professionals.

Operational management of medical facilities

Next generation screening service

We provide state of the art screening services that utilize advanced diagnostic devices.
This service is provided to high net worth individuals around the world with a particular emphasis on China.