Realizing a healthy and full life through preemptive self-regenerative medicine

Closing the Gap

The average life expectancy in Japan for a male is 79 years and 86 years for a female.
However healthy life expectancy is roughly 10 years shorter for both.
This means people have been forced to live with some form of assisted care for more than 10 years.
Japan is currently a leader in life expectancy.
We should strive to establish a society both healthy and long lived.

The gap between a healthy life & one’s life expectancy.

This gap is a psychological and economic burden not only on the individual and their family, but for society as well.
Health care costs have risen to almost equal tax revenues (38.4 Trillion Yen vs. 42.3 Trillion Yen in 2012).
This pressure will only increase as society ages.
A healthy and independent senior citizenry will greatly benefit from a improved quality of life while the country will benefit financially.

The key is preemptive medicine

The use of preemptive care for the realization of a healthy society has currently been attracting attention.
By treating the potential or early onset of a disease, the severity and impact of the disease can be reduced or eliminated.
Early treatment is cheaper and more effective while improving the patient’s quality of life (“QOL”)..

Preemptive Treatment
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Is it possible to predict a disease before its onset? The answer is a qualified yes.
Currently, through the monitoring of multiple factors such as genes, lifestyle, and environmental risk factors: the risk of multiple diseases can be shown. This allows for the possibility of treatment prior to onset.

The possibility of preemptive care: Self –regeneration through EndoSCA.

EndoSCA shows strong potential as an effective treatment in the use of pre-emptive medicine.
In the field of regenerative medicine, Induced Pluripotent Stemcell ("iPS cells") and Embryonic Stemcells ("ES cells") had been expected to be an effective treatment. However, the increased risk with these treatments (such as cancer), has lead to a delay in their practical use in cell transplantation.

What is "EndoSCA" ?

As EndoSCA is intended to promote the self-renewal capacity of cells without the use of transplanted foreign cells, there is increased safety while obtaining the same effect as transplanting the cells themselves.
The treatment has proven effective on animals for treatment of the following: cerebral infraction, diabetes, spinal cord injury, liver disease, dermatitis, and lung disease.

Clinical trials have been conducted on patients for the treatment of cirrhosis and diabetes at the Southern Tohoku General Hospital.
In addition, because there is no need to harvest and transplant cells a surgical procedure is not necessary. This leads to a further reduction in cost and difficulty.
These factors show the treatment’s benefits when utilized.

Potential of regenerative medicine by EndoSCA

Pre-emptive self-regenerative medicine is already here.

Regenerative medicine by EndoSCA has already been used. A pioneer in the field is the clinic managed by T&C.

Delivering to the World: Preemptive Treatment through the use of Genetic Factor.

Dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that is expected to show improved treatment when utilizing EndoSCA.
According to a report by Japan Science and Technology Agency (”JST”), there were 2.62 million patients suffering from dementia in Japan in 2010. This single example shows the immense economic and personal benefit to society as a whole if dementia can effectively be treated through the use of EndoSCA.

EndoSCA are an attractive alternative to standard treatment, especially before the severe onset of the disease as difficulty in treatment is fundamentally easier.
There are strong expectations regarding its practical application.

Pre-emptive medicine specifically targeting self-regeneration has been mentioned in detail in the strategy proposal of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Center for Research and Development Strategy("JST”)
The following was issued on April 2, 2014.


We will contribute to the solution of delivering preemptive treatments through the establishment of intervention concepts, the development of preemptive intervention diagnostic techniques and the further development of intervention technology.

T&C group companies aim to contribute to society by cooperating with external medical and research institutions in the effort to further develop the field of preemptive care through growth factors specifically targeting self-regeneration.

Currently, self-regenerative medicine is practiced by Gaienhigashi Clinic, (managed by T&C) utilizing next generation diagnosis, state of the art medical equipment and the use of EndoSCA.
It should be noted that the concept of "pre-emptive self-regenerative medicine that does not use a cell" is unique to Japan.

Following establishment here in Japan we will be able to further develop our business model by targeting the global market through export of EndoSCA and medical tourism initially.

Our goal is to introduce to the world pre-emptive self-regenerative medicine within the reach of anyone's hands today. T&C strives to make this happen.